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Frequently asked questions






Q: Why do you ask me to register before I can shop at your store?


We ask you to register to serve you better. The registration process is quick and simple. You will be required to provide basic information, like name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail. Information collected will help us to process your order.


Q: Can anyone register and order online?


Anyone over 18 of years of age is free to register and shop at Value Supermarket.


Q: How much does it cost to register?


Registration is FREE. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter. We make sure that our newsletters are packed with interesting and practically useful information and will help you to lead an easy and quality life.


Q: Can I open more than one account?


We do not recommend that you create more than one account, since it does not serve any purpose. Besides, our system/software will not allow you to create two accounts with the same e mail ID.


Q: Can I change my personal information?


Yes you can edit your personal information by logging into your “Account information” settings.







Q: How to shop in Value Supermarket?


Once your account is created, you will be ready to shop. You can browse through our store to have a look at various products arranged in their relevant categories. Please do not forget to check out our “Value Offers”. If you are looking for a specific product, the simplest way to do it is by typing the name and make of the product in the search field provided at the top of every page.


Products are displayed in an organised manner to facilitate swift and easy shopping experience for our guests. Once you finalise the item, just click on the button and add it to your shopping basket. You can also create a wish list for final review.


Q: Are online grocery prices same as in a traditional grocery store?


Value Supermarket offers an excellent price for quality grocery items including Indian Groceries. You will be surprised to notice that some of our products are cheaper than the traditional high street Indian Stores. Prices also depend on the overall wholesale market and keeps fluctuating. Our expert purchasing team ensures that we procure the items at good rates so that we can offer better prices to our customers. However we recommend cheapest is not always the best.



Q: Can I order items that are not listed on your store?


You can only order what is on the website however you can always write to us should you have any special requirement. We will endeavour to fulfil your order. Please call us on 0208 432 9689 or send an e mail to customercare@valuesupermarket.co.uk  


Q: Is there any minimum order value?


No, we do not have any minimum order value. You are welcome to shop and place order for any amount that suits you. However, we’d like to remind our guests that we do charge you for deliveries for orders less than £45


Q: How do I know if the item is in stock?


You will be able to find this information on our website. If the item is out of stock it will appear on the web page. If you find an item out of stock for a long time. Please call us and we will endeavour to arrange it for you. Kindly note that sometimes due to human errors and omissions stock information on the website is not correct and we may not have the item in stock. In this situation we will try and endeavour to source the products from our supplier or give you an option to buy the alternative product.


Q: Do you sell halal products?


Yes, we have a fantastic range of halal products. However please check the product description and halal sign before ordering it because we also sell non halal food as well.


Q: Where can I find my order details?


You order details can be found in your account one you are logged in



Q: Do you accept bulk or large size orders?


Yes, we do. In fact the biggest advantage of shopping at Value Supermarket is that we offer special prices to shoppers who place bulk orders. Large families end up saving quite an amount when they order their monthly groceries from our store. However, delivery and payment conditions remain unchanged. We give special discounts to non profit making entities which are run for charity like Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches, care homes, hospices ect.     


Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my order?


Yes, you will. Once you finish placing an order and do a final check out, we will send you a confirmation email giving you details of all items you ordered. We advise that you scan through your confirmation email once to confirm all the important details. Contact immediately if you find anything wrong or missing in the order over email for us to be able to rectify the same at our end.



Q: What products can I buy from your online store?

The details about all the products available at our store are arranged by brand/make, category and products. We are primarily into Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Srilankan Groceries ( North Asian groceries) , fresh and healthy vegetables, fruits cupboard items, cosmetics, toiletries, party accessories, gifts items, and more. Our Indian Groceries section is worth checking out. However we presently do not stock prescription medicines, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and cigarettes. 

 Q: Is there a restriction on number of items I can order to my shopping basket?


No, there isn’t any restriction until and unless the items you are ordering are in limited stock or are out of stock for the time being otherwise you can place order for as many of products as you wish.


Q: Is there a way to track my order? How?


Yes, you can visit our website and go to “Track Your Order” button to check the status of your order. It takes a minute or less.


Q: Can I access my old orders?


Yes, you can access old orders by logging to your account.


Q: How & where can I contact your customer Service?


You can call us on 0208 432 9689. You will be attended by our help desk executives. Please make sure that our Help Desk is active only between 9am to 9 pm on weekdays and weekends .If you call outside office hours you can leave a message for us. You can also send an e mail to customercare@valuesupermarket.co.uk. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


Q: What if only part of my order is delivered or I get the same stock delivered twice? (Relevant?)


This eventuality is not likely to occur considering our strategic and organized set up and software that our store uses. However if, as, and when it occurs you will be informed in advance. E.g. if your order arrives in part, we will inform you the reason through email or phone. We will not charge Delivery charges twice. However if you happen to receive an item or order twice, we would request you to please inform the same to our Delivery Staff immediately because later on when we identify the errors through our system, it can become a long drawn and complicated issue for all of us.

Q: How Can I Use Promotional Coupon Code?


We send Coupon Codes to our valued members on certain occasions. It entitles them to discounts and offers. Recipients of such coupons have to use the codes when the billing details of the order are generated on the screen; specific field/box/space is assigned for Coupon codes where you have to mention the code to get the benefit.


Q: What are the items I can’t order?


At present we do not sell Alcohol, prescription medicines, tobacco, and cigarettes.



Q: Does your store have a postal address? 


Yes, we do have a postal address. It is, 15 Brecon Lodge 21 Porters Way, West Drayton, UB7 9GR. Please note this address is for correspondence only.


Q: How can I contact Value Supermarket?


If our FAQs section is not able to resolve your problem we request you to please go to our Contact page to get in touch with us and write to us. If you are in a hurry you can call us on 0208 432 9689 for assistance.


Q: Why do you send a substitute Item?


Substitute items are sent on occasions when we run out of items you’ve ordered. We identify the best possible alternate product keeping the price, weight, and quality, in mind before we send it to you. It’s a service we provide keeping customer’s convenience in mind.  We will inform you if we substitute an Item; however if for any reason you don’t approve of the product or don’t want it, you can send it back with our staff, we will refund you the amount due either by deducting it from your bill; or the your order was placed against cash on delivery, you pay us after deducting the cost of original product and returning the product we sent you.






Q: In which areas do you currently deliver?


Currently we deliver in major parts of London & Greater London. We can also deliver by Post if you live in area outside Greater London. Please see Delivery Information for more information.


Q: Do you deliver on weekends and bank holidays?


Yes we deliver on weekends and bank holidays, but this service is restricted to specific areas. Please see Delivery Information for more information.


Q: How much does delivery cost?

We offer free delivery for orders above £45. Please see Delivery Charges for more information


Q: Can I choose a time and day of my order delivery?

We process our orders on the first come first serve basis, however you can always request a delivery date in the comments column while placing your order. Most of the deliveries in Greater London gets delivered next day.

Q: Can I send an order to a different address than my card is registered to?

No, we will deliver goods to address where the card is registered to if you have made payment online. However you can pay by cash if you wish to get your goods get delivered to a different address. We also offer payment on delivery option where you will be asked to pay by card using Pin and Chip. This service is only available to our approved customers in London & Greater London area.

Q: Will you deliver in an upstairs apartment?


Yes we do.


 Q: Do you have set delivery hours that you deliver between?


We make deliveries between 9 am to 9 pm.



Q: How will I know when are my orders reaching?


We will notify you of the tentative delivery time well in advance over email so that you know when is the order arriving and you can be home to receive it.


Q: Do you deliver to P.O Box addresses?

Sorry, we do not deliver to a P.O Box address. We only deliver orders to residential or commercial addresses.










Last Updated 16.12.2017